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🍂Removing Wax Stains From Clothing🍂

Tis' the season for all of the great smelling Fall scented candles and wax melts! BUT if your house gets as rowdy as mine that may not come with out the dreaded wax stains. The other day my daughter's jacket sleeve got tossed by the wax pot and that dreaded "uh oh" happened.. a wax stain!! Wax stain removal can be a bit of a challenge, but it's definitely possible to save your garments from ruin.

Here is how I removed it:

Step 1: When removing wax drippings from your clothes, first things first -step away from the stain! Wax removal is easier once the wax has hardened, so let it dry, instead of working it deeper into the garment's fibers. Once the wax is solid, you can remove the bulk of it easily. I used a dull knife to scrape away the excess wax once it was dry.

Step 2: You'll want to use the trusty blow dryer or iron and paper towel trick to heat any residue and transfer it to the paper towel.

Step 3: Now you can pre-treat using Topanga Scents Multipurpose Cleaner in Brentwood Scent! You can find this at

( )Not only do I love it as a pre-treatment for stains but it also works great on granite counter tops, stainless steel, my shower tile and even cleaning out the refrigerator.

Step 4: Use Topanga Scents Detergent (my current favorite scent is Brentwood) to wash. You kind this at

( )For washing the garmet only 1/4 cup is good. For small to normal size loads 1/3 cup is perfect! A cap size amount directly on the stain !y give that extra cleaning boost! Be sure to use the hottest setting that is safe enough for the garment. (See garment instructions on care tag.)

Step 5: When the cycle is complete unload the garments promptly. If the stain persists after washing repeat steps before tossing in the dyer, as drying will set in the stain.

Today good as NEW!

Thanks for reading!

🖤 Shanna

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