No Use In Crying Over Spilled Milk

This was on my memories from three years ago. 2021 is a year we all need to remember this. Find the good in every day.

"No use in crying over spilled milk." A phrase I've heard since I was a child... easily forgotten in the hustle and bustle of adulthood and parenthood.

This photo is from this morning. I got up early made my cup of coffee (that is now in the microwave for the 4th time still 1/2 full). Woke up the kids, made them breakfast, fed them (a chore in itself because Paetyn needed apple juice and milk with her breakfast), teeth brushed (of course there was a fight over the toothpaste and who was using right), hair done, and dressed... We did school drop off, ran errands, then went grocery shopping (Paetyn trying to pull everything off the shelves as I am trying to grab what we need.) Some days I take these things for granted. When Cayden was two, I was working almost an hour and a half away from home 8-10 hour days. I missed events at his daycare. I missed field trips. I missed milestones. I rarely got to do the grocery shopping and my errands waited for the weekend.

Then I was unloading groceries as Paetyn's tugging at my legs wanting her apple juice and lip gloss and down goes the gallon of milk.. (the reason I went to the store). We looked at each other and she started crying about the milk being broken. I wanted to, but then that saying popped in my head....

This busted $4 gallon of milk did make me feel like crying BUT I stopped and realized how fortunate I was to be standing with my 2 year old on a week day and spending time with her. I realized, how fortunate I am to even be a parent. There are so many who are working, praying, and hoping for that opportunity. So this gallon of busted "spilled milk" really didn't seem like such a big deal anymore. I picked Paetyn up hugged and loved on her. I told her spilled milk happens all the time (literally and figuratively). It is okay to get upset, it is okay to be sad or cry, but don't let it define your day or life. It is okay to have a bad day or a bad part of the day but don't stay there. Something I'm working to teach both kids and remind myself of at times, because we are blessed and somedays take it for granted.

Life is not easy there are challenges every single day, just learn not to sweat the small stuff.

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